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The Principals at CL Surveying and Mapping are actively involved in all aspects of the field survey, data acquisition, calculations and preparation of the mapping.  We pride ourselves in meeting both budget and schedule along with our Client service track record.  Our experience and dedication allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain base information, gather field data, and produce the base mapping to expedite the design process. 

Our staff is well versed in provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and the Land Survey requirements associated with the preparation and filing of Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Records of Survey, Condominium Plans and Lot Line Adjustments.  We are experienced in the preparation of Legal Descriptions, Exhibit Maps and Topographic Surveys by Field and Aerial Survey methods.

Our internal Quality Assurance / Quality Control process along with years of experience map checking and working with various agencies in the approval process for record maps will enable any of our licensed surveyors to quickly and efficiently provide map checking services.

We provide field and office survey services for construction staking of utilities, street construction and site developments.  We prepare Design Surveys as base mapping for Street Improvement Plans, utility routing, drainage studies and site development or redevelopment.  We also prepare Records of Survey, Parcel Maps and Parcel Map Exemption Applications (Lot Line Adjustments), Tract Maps, Legal Descriptions and ALTA Surveys.  

We are experienced and proficient in researching record information utilizing web based records, written requests from agencies and utility companies and onsite review and research.  Working with the various title companies and city agencies we prepare submittal packages for Parcel Maps, Records of Survey, Tract Maps and Lot Line Adjustments including metes and bounds legal descriptions for the transfer of property. 

We prepare Corner Records, locating and documenting the existing monumentation prior to construction and resetting the survey monuments and ties after construction is complete.  Corner Records are prepared per county / agency / city requirements and filed with the appropriate agencies.  We prepare right of way maps, researching and compilation of ownership lists and plotting and research of ownership records and easements.  We are experts in the integration of field and record data with digital aerial photography.   We coordinate the acquisition, dissemination and distribution of information; working in concert with agencies, attorneys, title companies and individuals.  Working cooperatively and communicating, both internally and with our client, is a very important part of our culture.

Lam Le, PLS 8231
Director of Survey

Mr. Le has over 17 years of experience as a Project Manager, Project Surveyor and CADD operator. His technical experience includes, but is not limited to, CAD drafting using CAiCE, MicroStation InRoads, AutoCAD using SoftDesk, creating DTMs for earthwork quantities, road profiling, creating coordinate geometry figures for boundary analysis, computer-aided design and drafting.

Mr. Le's duties include construction management and coordination along with field support on multiple projects.  He has provided multiple legal descriptions for easements, lot line adjustments and property descriptions and done extensive title analysis for property establishment and ALTA Surveys.

Mr. Le processes knowledge of: fundamental surveying, mathematics, and basic science as applied to surveying; methods of precise survey measuring; use and adjustment of precision surveying instruments; procedures, equipment, and materials used in surveying, including conventional and state-of-the-art; mapping and drafting techniques; mathematics and procedures used in plane and geodetic surveying; computer applications and usage; the California Coordinate System; Code of Safe Surveying Practices; photogrammetric mapping procedures; principles and practices of boundary determination, land title research and surveying; legal descriptions of real property; methods and terminology used in searching for land titles and factors involved in determining ownership of property; real property acquisition and mapping laws pertaining to public and private ownership of real property; monumentation of facilities; factors which influence the impact of departmental projects on property and basic net; right of way engineering projects; planning, design, construction and right-of-way procedures and policies as they relate to surveys.

Daniel A. Calvillo, PLS 8294
Director of Mapping

Mr. Calvillo has over 12 years of experience in the Land Surveying Industry, specializing in Mapping and data collection analysis.  He has created a Field to Finish program of which converts field collected data into automatically created linework within Autocad.  With this product, it actually expedites both the amount of time it would normally take to complete a finished product and therefore making them time and cost efficient.  He has worked on hundreds of topographic surveys within his 12 year career at some of the largest nationally recognized firms.  He also maintains a high level of expertise in boundary analysis and title research working with some of the largest public agencies in the nation.

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